Monday, February 27, 2012

SYTYCD Auditions

My friends are so good to constantly ask what they can do for me while I'm working through these crazy health issues and I often answer is that I need distractions. An invitation to go and see or listen to something unique is really perfect. So, I was thrilled to be invited to the So You Think You Can Dance audition taping in Salt Lake last Saturday.

Remember Brittany Starr and her dad "Ringo"? They were there!

And what about the lovely and talented Courtney Galiano? She was there!

And, be still my soul, what about Robert Roldan? He was soooooo there!

And Nigel Lithgow, and Mary Murphy, and Adam Shankman? Yep, they were all there!!!

If I am a really good girl in this life, I know that I'll get to back in my next life as a dancer...I just know it!

I'm very excited to see how the 5 hours we watched is edited down to a single episode. A boy named Dare is the only one who I think has a shot of making it past Vegas week...and I'm not sure if it was his talent or his abs that convinced me he'd go far. I don't think I was caught on camera, but if you want to play a fun game when the season airs this summer, look for me in the crowds!


Missy said...

Awesome!!! I will totally watch for you. Better yet, can we just watch at LEAST that episode together?

Collin and Traci said...

I'm jealous of this AND the handi-cards! :) I love you!