Sunday, August 19, 2012

Waiting: Day 74

When I was first told that I needed a heart transplant, I really struggled with the idea that for me to live, someone else would need to die. I think it's a common worry for transplant recipients. Most heart transplants come from younger donors who have been involved in an unexpected accident. The body is young and strong, but the neurological damage cannot be repaired.

I have spent a lot of my thoughts with my future donor. I have offered many prayers in their behalf. Somewhere out there, in a 1,000 mile radius around Salt Lake City, some generous person is living the last days of their life. That person has no idea that time is short. My hope is that they have plenty of opportunity to say "I love you", I pray that there is little unfinished business, I need their loved ones to feel peace.

I feel a responsibility to live a life worthy of such a generous gift and I intend to bring honor to my donor and everyone they have loved.