Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beauty Tip Turned Medical Tip

I've been using an oil based eye make-up remover for remove eye make-up of course.

But this week I've found a brilliant second use for the good stuff...medical tape residue remover!!!!

Whoo Hoo!!!

It came to my attention when, after 10 days of removing the goo left on my skin from EKG leads and medical tape with an apricot face scrub (hey! maybe i'm not so new to this dual usage stuff!?!?), my skin had begun to scream at me. I had developed these nasty scabs and rashes (TMI?) where the leads attached, and couldn't bring myself to continuing to use the same technique. The make-up remover was sitting on my bathroom counter and I dabbed a little on some of the sticky and, voila! magic!

Hopefully you never have to put this to the test and can just take my word for it...cause I really don't wish this kind of torture on anyone.

p.s. only 1 more day with the monitor!!!!

p.s.s. that darned battery that was never going to need replacing? yeah, i just replaced it for the 3rd time...but this time the spare was in my car and not an hour a way!

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