Friday, June 1, 2012


The clinic calls it the "Blue Checklist" and it has kept me very busy this week.

I was admitted to Coronary ICU on Tuesday, which was a bummer, but check out the view from my bed:

After close observation, and an insane amount of lab work, and a brutal test of my patience, we finally answered the question that has been hanging over me since the end of February, "Were my lungs healthy enough to qualify me for a heart transplant?" And the answer is yes!

The previous 90 days had moved at such a slow pace, but things went into warp speed Wednesday morning when a large team from the transplant clinic entered my room to meet me and get my paperwork started. I was discharged from the hospital Wednesday evening and sent home to get some rest and prep for the remainder of the week.

The Blue Checklist is how they keep all of the lab work and evaluations and exams organized and keep me on schedule in the right place at the right time. By the time every item is checked off, I will have a completely clean bill of health (except for the garbage heart). The team at the IMC Heart Transplant clinic have done everything possible to get my case ready for presentation to the transplant committee this coming Tuesday. Wild, right?

Clearly, what I think I know about waiting is about to be challenged, so hopefully I have learned a few things as I have moved to this point. Thank you to so many who have offered encouragement and faith and support to me, and to my family these past few months.

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Yeah! Miracles happen.