Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Got Shy

My childhood memories are all spotlight moments. And all of those spotlight moments are positive. I would perform, or speak, or storytell, or volunteer...anything to delight an audience. I loved me some attention...and as a grown-up, I continue to love me some attention. But I only like the positive kind of attention. The kind of attention that comes when I've delighted an audience. So, when this blog received unexpected attention because I am sick, and my daily visitors shot up from it's previous 15/day, I got shy.

I got shy because being sick doesn't feel like positive attention. Being sick isn't how I want to be known. Being sick is boring and depressing. Being sick is what I'm consumed with...and I didn't know how to blog something honest and still consider it, I just kind of shut-up.

But a stranger reached out today because she read something in one of my "being sick" posts that might be helpful to her family. It's motivated me to post again. Maybe I can still write useful things as I figure out who I am now? And maybe the sick me can still entertain? And maybe the pressure to find something blog-worthy in my day can help my days from bleeding into one another? And maybe I knew this all along, but have been avoiding it?


The Ravsten's said...

Keep blogging! You are blessing the lives of so many individuals. You have no idea! Carry on!

Susan said...

I knew it! I kept debating whether to crash your parent's house when you were visiting just to say hi :) Then your blog basically came to a screeching halt, and I knew it was too much. Kim, you are amazing sick, just as you are amazing well, and my family has been so blessed by knowing you! Love ya! Susan

Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} said...

Don't feel like you have to write to entertain. Honesty is what people love. Whether it's a bad day or a good one. Love ya sister!

Lauren Tatton said...

Kim your an amazing women!