Friday, November 25, 2011

I am Grateful for: Diversity

I am loving the Griswold family in my neighborhood. The house is ri-dic-u-lous! I wanted to snap a photo on my way home...but there was a crew of 4 out front still adding to the spectacle, so the photo will have to come when I can capture it without attention.
I would never invest the time or resources into such a hobby, but I really am grateful that they will...and that thought has helped me to appreciate the diversity in people all around me.
Sure! I like "my people"! You know, the ones who act and think like I do. The ones who agree with most of what I say...but the others are just as great to have around. The others probably play a bigger part in helping me to experience life and find my own way.
And I'm grateful for the diversity of my friends. They all offer me different things that I need at different times and I'm so lucky to be the recipient.

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