Friday, November 4, 2011

I am Grateful for: My Parents

I have taken a few opportunities to talk individually about my mom and my dad, but today I am specifically grateful for the two of them together as a team. I am grateful for how I've been blessed by that team, and how I've been taught by that team.

I don't think most kids get to grow up with parents like mine. Parents who like each other, parents who love each other, parents who share the same "big picture" goals, parents who want the same things for their children, parents who thrive in the roles they chose to play in our family.

I carried around a lot of concerns as a child, but never did I have to carry around the concerns that come from a discontent or broken home. I wanted to be "cool", but never did I wonder which behaviors were acceptable. I felt lonely and lost at times, but I always knew that there was a place for me in our home. I hated learning that the world was unpredictable, but loved knowing that my family was. I detested the work and expectations place upon me, but can't imagine any other way to have learned how to be a useful adult.

As any team of parents does, I'm sure my parents have things they might have done differently. And as grateful as I am for the sacrifices I know that they made, I probably can't comprehend the entirety of those sacrifices. And while I've been able to list a few of the advantages that I have because of them, I imagine that it will take me at least the rest of my life to really recognize all of those blessings.

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