Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am Grateful for: The Internet

I remember seeing the Internet for the first time. I had an older roommate attending grad school and she seemed so hip and advanced and some evenings she would get on-line to chat with her old mission buddies and the whole thing seemed wildly mysterious to me. A few short months later, I remember showing some of my friends all of these cool things that you could do and see on the Internet...and they would think that I was so hip and advanced and wildly mysterious.

Today, I don't even think about the Internet...I just use it like I use air. I have an entire grouping of Apps on my iPhone that I have titled "Look It Up". They are some of my favorite fact producing Apps (imdb, SoundHound, Wikipedia, ESPN, WhitePages, Dictionary). I really adore having the answers to so many questions at my fingertips at any given moment. This definitely assists in satisfying my curiosity in every aptitude!

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