Friday, September 30, 2011

BFF - KIT - Don't Change!!

My mom brought my old high school yearbooks to me on her last trip here. I thought that they'd be fun to flip through during recovery or while Kara was here, but I didn't get to them until today.


I sure looked like 1993. But so did all of my friends! Facebook upped the entertainment value since I think of so many of my classmates as the people in the Facebook was wild to see them as we were almost 20 years ago!

Often, when reflecting on my life, I declare that, "I like the girl I am today so much more than the girl I used to be!" I've always assumed that rested 100% on how mature I have become...but today I got a different perspective. Today I realized that I might just be the exact same girl I have always been...only maybe I've learned to like her a little more. I read through all of the comments that people wrote into my yearbooks and I think if I had a yearbook to be signed by friends today, they would probably say some of the same things:

I am the funniest girl they know
I am wild and fun
Everyone wants to party with me
I am the best and most devoted friend they have
I am super smart and a hard worker
I am really talented and have mega star potential in my future

I guess the only shocker is that I still have mega star potential...and after 20 years I haven't stepped any closer to it than my 18 year old self?

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