Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Surgery Eve

There is anxiety bubbling deep down. I guess it's a blessing that I feel so physically wiped out that I don't really have the luxury of entertaining the anxiety. I want to feel better...and this crazy procedure is supposed to make that happen (fingers crossed!).

I'm not worried about something terminal happening, I think I've worked past all of those fears. Now my fear is fighting through recovery to only find that things didn't exactly work out. I have had a lifetime of learning to settle for less than the best...but I want to put my foot down on this one! has to work! HAS to!!!!!


{ Marianne } said...

Good luck tomorrow Kim! Way to put your foot down. We will pray it really WORKS for you!

Collin and Traci said...

It will work! Prayers continuing to come your way! :) Love you!