Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do You Know What's Grosser Than Gross???

It was the name of a childhood game. Someone would suggest something gross and we would all reply, "GROSS!" And then some a creative kid would offer up, "Do you know what's grosser than gross?", and they would suggest something slightly grosser than the first kid's idea. And the game would continue like that until we ran out of gross ideas or until we were laughing so hard we were crying...whichever came first. And we totally thought we were champions...but we were so wrong!

The guys at Epic Meal Time on YouTube have put my childhood friends to shame with their ability to grosser than gross themselves at least a dozen times in under 6 minutes! The only redeeming factor, they're Canadian, so it just makes it funny somehow!

****Warning!**** This is not for the weak of heart, stomach, imagination, gag reflex...etc!

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