Monday, September 5, 2011

Life Imitating Art

The Husband was telling me a story about being leashed at Disneyland as a child. I thought it was hilarious, mostly because my favorite SNL comedy sketch of all time is this one:
Philip and Grace

And then I remembered a great story about when my life took an SNL sketch turn. My brother John was graduating from High School and in Denver the ceremony takes place on a Sunday. We had been through church, hours of High School graduation, and found ourselves back at church that evening for John's seminary graduation.

My parents and youngest brother Brett were seated in the very back of the chapel. Brett and I had hit our limit for sibling activity tolerance and were feeling punchy for sure. Brett was 12...and I began to act 12. I dug into my mom's purse and pulled out a mirror and a bright fuchsia, mom-shade of lipstick, then proceeded to give myself the most perfect and horrific kissy lips. We had a little laugh and then turned our attention back to the front of the room.

A few minutes later, we were slouched in our seats with arms folded and hands tucked under our armpits. I realized the hilarity of my posture and had a flashback to this:
Mary Katherine Gallagher

So I nudged Brett, and said in a whisper, "Sometimes when I get bored, I stick my fingers under my arms, and I smell 'em like this."....and then I dragged my hands up my face....totally having forgotten about the mom-pink lipstick I'd put on just a few minutes before! I had awful pink skid marks all up my face!

Brett cracked up, and horror spread across my face as I quickly realized what I had done! I ran to the little girls' room as fast as I could! But there is no brand of restroom soap that can scrub that mom-quality lipstick off of a face! I needed professionally quality remover and I was just going to have to wear the shame of my sense of humor on my face until I got home!

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Collin and Traci said...

I loved imagining this! :) Such a great story. One I haven't heard before! I love it. and You!