Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh! The Drama!

I got all of my parts today!!!!

For the acting class, I'm playing the part of Holly from "Anna and August". I had never heard of the play before today. But I'm pretty excited about the roll of a self-absorbed 9 year old girl who is very concerned with all things superficial. While I don't think that exactly describes my niece Kyle, I feel fortunate to be able to channel her occasional sassy attitude. I think I can get a nice eyeroll and "whatever" look from her! It's a very fun and funny part! However, I am feeling a little sensitive about art imitating life when it comes to my final line.

For my voice class, I have a solo that is much, MUCH bigger than my current confidence. "This Is One Of Those Moments" is fast and long and high! I am a very comfortable alto. I get anxious around an A and tend to drop out at a C so I have no idea what the extraordinary Bonnie Wilson Whitlock was thinking when she assigned me a song with multiple visits to an F! But try as I might, I couldn't convince her to change her mind. I have six weeks to grow the size of my confidence big enough to not completely fall apart during our showcase performance. I am certain that as a teacher, she's good enough...but as a student, well, we shall see.

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