Sunday, February 13, 2011


I don't hate Valentine's Day. I don't love it either. I've only had a boyfriend to celebrate with once before and we weren't super serious or in love. I don't mind that romance swirls all around me. And I appreciate the gestures that come from friends and family. But I have no expectations for romance in my life just because it's February 14.

But after the February 13th I have just had...I might start to get a little demanding. Today I heard the best line of my life. Sergio was introducing himself to me today after church. He was charming enough and I gave him my phone number, but I had people waiting for me and needed to leave. I told him that I wasn't blowing him off, but that I really did need to leave...he responded with "You aren't blowing me off, but you are blowing me away!"

Pure Romance!

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