Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aaaaah! Those Summer Days!

As I walked out to great my good friend, I couldn't help but shout out, "Hello Lover" to the pool! It might sound like a lazy girl's pastime, but believe me when I tell you it is hard, hard work! There's so much to remember....the lotioning and oiling, the timely turning over and giving even exposure to all sides of your brown body, the staying hydrated, the ability to begin and maintain fascinating pool-side conversation....this requires a fine tuned set of skills. I believe that Sassy and I have really come into our own.

Not to mention that we had a very full morning listening to some neighbors break-up outside our windows, consuming a well-balanced breakfast (do savory and sweet count as well-balanced?), shopping for electronics and summer wardrobe, getting our "Pass Of All Passes" to the theme parks, and grabbing a lunch to take to the pool. Seriously, this might have been the hardest working day I've had in weeks!

Man! My life is goooooooo-ooooooood!

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