Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Facebook Friending

I am weird about Facebook friending...in a "that is not consistent!" kind of way. See, when it comes to making friends in the flesh, well, let's just say that I'm a pro. I'm not afraid of strangers, I'm interested in other people, and my interest in others usually leads to me being interesting to them. When I go to a new place or event, I make a point to meet 2 new people....and really, really meet them. Meet them well enough that the next time we see one another, I can ask a follow-up question in regards to the topic of our earlier conversation. I rarely hesitate to initiate, I think it's fun to make new friends!

But online, I'm...weird. I rarely extend a Friend Request. And I rarely accept a Friend Request from someone I wouldn't introduce to my family as an actual friend. I don't care a bit about my friend count and I'm constantly considering a clean-out of the folks who sneaked their way into the mix. What is that all about? It's not like my "news feed" is an exclusive party list, right?

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