Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Sweet Hip-Hop Home

Remember when instead of saying that I made really good caramel corn, I told people that I taught Hip-Hop? Remember the first time I met my SIL and she recognized me as the Hip-Hop instructor? Remember when those 2 hours of my life were my most favorite in the week? Ya, I remember it too.

Remember when a couple of years ago, after many years MIA to the world of dance, I attended a class as a student and became painfully aware that somewhere along the line, I had become that out of touch older lady fumbling in the back corner? That was a dark, dark day.

So it came as a surprise to even myself when I purchased a pass to drop in at a class at a dance studio in SLC! A friend came with and I was very concerned that I was going to be caught without my groove. But that funky girl who I love so much, well I think she's still in there somewhere and she was scratching to come out tonight. I really do love to dance. I know that I've chronologically missed my window of opportunity, but I refuse to just give it up altogether, I need that in my life!

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