Thursday, June 2, 2011


Try as I might, marriage continues to occupy my thoughts more than I'd like. I'm not as pitiful as I used to be. I've learned to see beyond the one thing missing in my life, to appreciate all of the other awesome things. But I still spend some mental time there.

I'm not a goofy dreamer, I easily recognize that marriage presents at least as many new challenges as it does new perks. Lately, I've often thought that marriage might be too hard, and I might not have what it takes to pull it off, and maybe I'm better off alone. But today, during a quiet thoughtful moment I had the clear realization that marriage can not be that hard....idiots do it all of the time! And even seem happy and satisfied in their relationship. As I drove home this evening I studied all of the couples in their cars and kept thinking, "they seem to be doing alright".

I guess the secret might just be finding my idiot match!

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