Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Friday night I re-met a tool from my past. When I mentioned to Salty that he was, in fact, a tool from my past, she commented that I seemed to have a lot of those! But she's right, I do. I rebutted that while my overall numbers seemed high, my ratio was probably no different than anyone else.

I follow Single Dad Laughing and his post today reminded me of that conversation. Dan and I share our approach to trust. In fact, I was mentally writing his summary paragraphs before I even got to reading them. As I read his set-up outlining scenarios where distrust is rampant, I kept thinking 'It isn't about trusting others! It's about trusting yourself to handle yourself regardless of others!!' I was so relieved when he got to that at the end.

The majority of the time I have no concern about whether or not I will be influenced to do something that contradicts who I am or what I believe. I don't worry about being sold something I don't want, I don't worry about being in a relationship that makes me unhappy, I don't worry about abandoning my values because someone I interact with lives differently. Does it mean that I have to say no a lot...yes. Does it mean I have opportunity to say yes even more...absolutely!

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