Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blind Dates

Blind Dates are one of my favorite fairy tales. They are as imaginary to me as castles and princesses and witches who cast spells...but they are just as intriguing as well. I love the idea of being fact I am convinced that it's the most likely way to be introduced to a man with potential! If my memory serves me correctly:

I've had one perfect blind date,
I've had a handful of "meh" blind dates,
I've had one awful blind date, and
I've had DOZENS of failed attempts at a blind date.

Speaking of witches who cast spells, there is some kind of curse that falls over most attempts to set two people up. Most of my girlfriends will back me up when I tell you that a small percentage of intended blind dates ever actually happen. Sometimes the friend playing cupid fails to let the guy know that they ever mentioned him to you. Sometimes the guy gets your number and he doesn't call (because he's seeing someone else at the time, or he's too nervous, or your "friend" gave you a bum sales pitch, who knows?!). Sometime too much time passes and when he decides he does want to call he dismisses the opportunity because too much time has passed. Sometimes he doesn't get what he wants when he does call (like your availability on short notice) and isn't open to an alternative.

My point...I'm not afraid of a blind date. In fact, I don't need a lot of information about the guy. If he's great enough for a friend to recommend him, he has to be worth meeting. I'm interested in most people and can fun-up for a few hours with just about anyone. I have no expectations for a Love Connection, but I'm open to the possibility. As long as he practices good general hygiene and is willing to provide a portion of the conversation, I can't think of a reason not to go...if he calls, of course.

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