Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spanning the Decades

When the brothers played football at BYU, I remember watching my mom make her social rounds. She'd reminisce with the alumni from the years when my dad was playing, then she'd catch up with the parents of the football players, then she'd spend a few minutes chatting with cheerleaders, and of course she'd "dish" with the football wives as well. A few times I considered throwing her a birthday party in Provo so that all of her friends (of all ages) could celebrate with her.

She has formed amazing friendships with older and younger (most children know "Sheri Denney" well by the time they are 3)...and I guess I'm appreciating that gift passed down to me as well.

Tonight I hung out with my baby brother (10 years younger), his dorm buddies, and their wives...and we had a great time! And I didn't feel like it was a sympathy invitation...I really do think of them as my friends as well. And I know that the ability to have friendships that span decades is a gift passed down from my parents and a huge blessing to me in my life. I am the grateful recipient of so many great things that come from so many great friends!

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