Thursday, December 22, 2011

Epic Mealtime

**Notice: This is one of those posts that makes it evident that I really do come from a very "boy" family!

The video below is foul. Seriously disgusting. Like, "throw up a little" disgusting! ...and I've probably watched it 5 times! ...and laughed pretty hard each time! ...but tonight I think I laughed the hardest.

Brett pulled up the video on my Kindle for my Dad to enjoy...and his enjoyment was our enjoyment! Sometimes there's a serious disconnect between what my brothers and I find humorous and what my parents find humorous (i.e. Napoleon Dynamite). Tonight, dad got the joke immediately and his reaction was priceless! And soon I found myself laughing to tears and suffocating and pounding my foot into the ground involuntarily! It was so awesome.

So...if you think you have the intestinal fortitude, I present Epic Mealtime:

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