Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Super Spidey Jedi-Mom Sense

What is it about moms??????????

I can't even post this yet because she's still in position to thwart our plan if we aren't careful! How do moms just know when their kids (ages 37 and 27) are up to something?!?! How do they, when they don't know a single detail, find a way to be in the right place or ask the right question to suss out a conspiracy? HOW??????????

Brett, Kristy and Owen were supposed to arrive Friday for the holiday break. But Friday is no fun and there's a pesky storm brewing, so it was decided that they would be creative and sneaky and come home early and surprise the parents. They should arrive in the dead of night tonight and surprise her at breakfast in the morning...but it's been nearly impossible! At one point I broke down and confessed to my dad (I think I needed the moral support?). We've all told a blatant lie at some point during the adventure. If we were playing the game of Survivor, my mom would Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast us all!

Is there any chance that she'll actually go to bed before they pull into the driveway?? I've gotten a good laugh out of it a few times...I'm just hoping that she gets enough sleep to find it funny when she finds us all out!

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