Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do You Think I'm Pretty?

One of the funniest things I have picked up from my friend Sherrie is a good-natured complisult (an insult hidden in a compliment). When a girlfriend says something really, really stupid, she often replies with a sugary sweet "You're so pretty!!!", Obviously highlighting that the friend isn't showcasing her brilliance and brains.

And that sums up the entirety of what I think about pretty. I think it's a really funny jab to direct on someone I love dearly.

Earlier this week I came across a month-ish old article that has made me think about pretty:

I think I'm guilty. I don't think that when I am in the process of a Personal Flaw Inventory, I'm measuring myself against the pretty checklist...I'm pretty sure I'm measuring myself against the hot checklist...and I lose every time!

When did that happen to me? When did I decide that was the measurement I should be using? More importantly, WHY did I decide that was the measurement I should be using? With all of this second chance and new life perspective happening for me, I see this as a great opportunity to correct my expectations. Especially since I clean up fairly well and have a great shot at getting to pretty!

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