Sunday, January 1, 2012

What I Learned in Church Today: Happiness

As usual I have identified some specific, quantifiable goals for 2012. The only guideline I gave myself is that each goal had to assist in my finding more of, and learning more about, happiness. For example, Sassy and I will be planning a fun and/or different social event for all of the odd months (finding more happiness), and I will make a point of reading each week's Sunday School assignment prior to class each week this year (learning more about happiness).

How appropriate then, that happiness was the topic for a speaker in church this afternoon. I have noticed that my notes from meetings come most often in the form of a question. Clearly I am longing to understand myself more and more. The following are questions I hope to answer as I pursue the goals for 2012:

~ What do I consciously feed my mind? What do I unconsciously feed my mind?
~ On a scale of optimistic to pessimistic, how would I rate my general attitude?
~ Do I take the time to view my life and its obstacles within the perspective of doctrine?
~ Do I strive to identify the Lord's hand in my life? Even in...especially trials?
~ Luke 9:24...What am I saving my life for?

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