Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've heard that for every mouse you see in a house, there are 10 you don't see. I've heard something similar about cockroaches. And tonight I'm they have a saying like that for gray hair?

I know! I know! It's unbelievable that at age 37 I am still (relatively) gray hair free...but the anticipation of it coming to an end is really freaking me out. A couple of things have me on the edge.

1.) Most of my friends my age (men and women) are gray or graying.
2.) Every trip to the hospital has gifted me 2 gray hairs, in the same 2 spots, a few weeks later.
3.) Tonight I found a third gray hair in a brand new spot!

I dug around for awhile looking to see if I'm missing any, but so much of my hair is un-see-able by me and I'm really stressing out over it!

Uh-oh ... 4.) Doesn't stressing out cause gray hair?!?


A Little Sass said...

I kinda hate you right now!

Kimi D said...

sassy, i officially reject your hate. my hair color is the only physical feature i have that is worth envying. especially since there will never be enough Latisse for me to get near to your eyelashes!