Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughts About Jefferson's Bible...

I'm not a great mind like Jefferson, and I certainly haven't put the same level of effort into the project, but I definitely have more versions of a similar attempt of my own. I edit my scriptures every time I read them. I highlight verses that catch my attention. I draw lines through verses I find to be distracting. I jot down questions. I scribble out incomplete thoughts. I've even drawn illustrations.
After a few readings, I shelf the copy and start from scratch. I have several marking pencils within reach of my bed and one favorite pen perfect for the task. I have no rules for how I approach, what I underline, how I mark (although I've tried and failed at a few methods). And I can't imagine studying the text any other way. It would feel so impersonal. I don't think what they found from Jefferson is odd or unique. My notations are also private reflections and not public statements. I have no expectation that any of my notes could potential influence the masses...but I do have grand expectations that they will continually guide my future.

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