Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Last night I dreamt that I was being forced to go back to High School...it was awful!

- I was late
- I struggled to find the main office
- My first class was P.E.
- I didn't have a locker and had to carry my violin with me everywhere
- I was still driving the Buick Riviera, complete with all of the family "upgrades"
- I was having bad hair
- I hated what I was wearing
- There were "mean girls" in the halls
- Mr. Snell still wouldn't audition me for the show choir
- The cafeteria smelled like...well, it smelled like the cafeteria

But the worst part was being 37 through it all. I felt like such a loser. And that loser feeling has stayed with me all day. So I'm hoping for a great replacement dream tonight. Something that makes me feel like a winner...and stays with me all day!


Mummer said...

I thought the Riv would have added to your day not taken away from it.

Brett said...

I laughed when I read your post.
I laughed a little more when I read the comment.
And then I really laughed when I realized that Dad is posting comments on Blogs.

Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} said...

Ditto to bretts comment! typing one handwd while nursing...sorry.

Kimi D said...

who would have known the ol' Riv would have been such a popular topic!

dad, it is true that i have more positive memories associated with the Riv than negative...but in my nightmare I wasn't appreciating the values that driving the Riv taught us all as kids.

brett, maybe i should take topic requests from dad so as to invoke more comments from him and keep you laughing

christy, how do you do it all?!