Monday, April 11, 2011


Apparently I'm a failure when it comes to some social observations. It was recently pointed out to me that a very handsome man had been making a pass at me...and I responded with a friendly introduction and a "brushoff".

I'm so well practiced in the art of being rejected that I anticipate it regardless of the other person's true intent. (I'm sure the chant isn't helping!).

This all leads to me maybe, or maybe not, having a date on Wednesday. After it all plays out, either Salty (thinks it is) or myself (thinks it isn't) will be crowned foolish.

Saturday night, Salty and I attended a birthday party. She and I were sitting on the couch with a male friend...Salty was sitting in the middle. Mid-conversation, the male friend asks "Do you want to catch a movie Wednesday night?" and I immediately respond with "Salty can't go that night..." and she immediately cuts me off with "He wasn't asking me". Awkward....

But....he clearly wasn't asking me specifically....right? wrong? All I know for certain is that he'll be here at 6:00 Wednesday night to pick me up alone. I'm convinced it's an outing of friends...others are convinced it's a date...we all agree that if he pays for the tickets, I can count it for April's date.

I need a dating coach. I can dish it, but it's becoming more obvious that I can't take it.

**Updated to confirm that I'm the fool. It's been rescheduled for Saturday and it is a date. I'm so thickheaded.


Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} said...

Yay for dates! Is it just me or does that little girl look just like you when you were little.

Kimi D said...

it must have been a subconscious choice...i'm as clueless as a little girl!