Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Geographical Magic!

Notice how there isn't anything supper great on the map between Salt Lake City and Denver? Ya, I'd like to just get rid of that space and make the two neighboring cities. It would really help me out a TON!

I have had the freedom to catch up with so many friends face to face, and that kicks the tar out of trying to keep in touch digitally! I become more and more appreciative of the environment in which I grew up. In addition to having an extra-ordinary home life, I was raised by a village of incredible people who love me and celebrate with me. The love and support from them is constant and unapologetic, and I recognize that it is a gift that many people never experience.

But having tasted it for a few days, I've become spoiled and want more! I don't know that I'm ready to give up on Salt Lake, and I'm not convinced that Denver is the correct "next step" little cartographic brain is trying like mad to shorten the distance between the two to create my own little Utopia!

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