Friday, April 1, 2011

About Yesterday's Ugly Post...

Yesterday's post was not attractive. And while I'm sorry that I subjected even one friend to having to read it through, I have been thoughtful about it and I feel motivated to get it together soon!

Many of my recent conversations have followed this pattern:

Other Person: So what are you doing for work?
Me: I recently left my position with an internet marketing between jobs I guess.
Other Person: (uncomfortably) Oh...well what would you like to be doing?
Me:, that's the problem...I don't really know.
Other Person: (nervously) Ha ha, what have you always wanted to do?
Me: Dance back up for Janet Jackson.
Other Person: (relieved) HA! That's so funny.
Me: I wasn't being funny. It really is the only job I've ever dreamed about having.
Other Person: Oh...?...Um...?...Huh...

If Janet weren't retired, and I weren't middle aged, that conversation might not be so awkward.

I want to have better answers...and not really for the sake of "Other Person", but for my own sake. Ambition, drive, focus, passion...those are things I find attractive in any person (man/woman, old/young, married/single). I am quite certain others feel the same, and in that regard, I am one ugly lady these days!

So watch out! I've assembled my pre-General Conference list of questions and I am ready to be instructed!

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