Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I Learned in Church Today: Sharing Joy

One of today's speakers shared a story of a friend who battled severe physical obstacles for 37 years but only ever passed on joy into the lives of others. And it's left me wondering...what do I pass on to the lives of others?

For some reason, it's the challenges and frustrations that seem the most fun to talk about. As a storyteller of sorts, those make the very best stories. And those very best stories tend to satisfy all audiences. So those are the stories I tell.

I have to wonder if any "joy" is passed on in those moments. Sure, there are a few short-lived moments of hilarity and/or entertainment, but are those conversations enriching the lives of the hearers? Are my values and beliefs being communicated?

I have so much, and I think of myself as a generally happy person...but I have to those around me know that? Is that what I share with them? Do I leave those around me feeling uplifted?

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