Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

Every six months, the general membership of the LDS faith has the opportunity to hear counsel from the leadership of the church. The talks are Christ centered and the majority of the message is easily applied to members of our faith and those who are not.

This weekend was our April 2011 session and as I sit in reflection, I find myself in an ironic combination of inspiration and anxiety. Inspiration because these weekends provide the time and focus I need to inventory my priorities and then apply the counsel in pursuit of those things. Anxiety because I measure short in most of the areas that are important to me.

But I have maturity on my side this round. And I think I'm better understanding what it means to experience the ride of life...To learn from the disappointments...To celebrate in the victories...To acknowledge a constant increase in the good in my life.

So, I'll take these nuggets of insight and apply what I can...And look forward to becoming closer to who I want to be in time to start the process again in October!

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