Monday, April 4, 2011

The Domestication of Kimi D

Do schools even offer, let alone require, Home Economic classes anymore? It was required core curriculum at Westlake Junior High in Broomfield, CO for all 7th graders...along with Shop Class and Art Class and Keyboarding. Of the four, Home Ec was my favorite. Probably because I came to the class so well trained.


I don't remember formal lessons from my mother, but I have a hard time remembering back far enough when I wasn't helping with domestic chores. And I don't believe that there is a better way to teach. There aren't any homemaking tasks that totally freak me out or present an obstacle I can't tackle...that's some gooo-oood mothering, no?

I've been settling in to the new place and it's required some dusting off of skills I'd forgotten. But they return so easily and I'm so grateful that I have them. I'm especially thankful for the confidence I've been given in the kitchen. The ability to take what is available and create a healthy and tasty meal is invaluable, and once again, something I can attribute to Sheri.

I'm a very lucky girl!

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