Tuesday, August 9, 2011


While I am confident that technology has much improved, the above image is pretty much all I can think about when I consider my Cardioversion appointment in a few days. I guess there are a lot of blessings that come with a day-by-day mentality, because I have hardly given myself time to freak out over this...until today.

I'm not feeling any doomsday premonitions over this...but I am NOT looking forward to it either.

There's a "faith promoting rumor" that I have heard that goes something like this:

If we all were to sit in a big circle, write our trials on slips of paper, then put them in the center of the circle and draw out something new...well, we'd all just want to draw out the trials we wrote down.

And I recognize that there are some, who are much better than me, who handle greater struggles than my own like champs...but I kind of don't want this anymore either. I kind of wonder where the emotional endurance to put up with the remaining questions and discomfort and frustration is going to come from.

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