Saturday, August 6, 2011

Synchronized Add-On

I spent my afternoon escaping the reality of my life by indulging in my favorite summer past-time...the pool! While I have been known to spend stretches as long as 6 hours just floating and lying around, today some fun friends joined and indulged Sassy and I in the funnest game we've made up so far...Synchronized Add-On!

It is similar to the childhood game of Trampoline Add-On (player one does a trick, player two does player one's trick then adds a trick of his/her own, player three does player one's trick then player two's trick then adds a trick of his/her own, and so on! and so on! and so on! (name that 1970's commercial!))


Instead of trampoline tricks, each player takes turns adding on synchronized swimming moves! Fun, right? And even better!, is that once you've completed a few rounds, all of the players form a circle facing one another and do the routine all together! Hilarious, right?

There is video footage of today's performance, but given that it's my voice on the recording stating that I will burn someone for posting it anywhere (Where did I pick up such a random, violent threat? "I will burn you"? What is that?), you won't be seeing it...ever.

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A Little Sass said...

good times! Loved it!