Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post "Date" Report

The ultimate sign of a good first date is when he schedules your next date before the first one is even over! Dr. Hwang and I are seeing each other again on September 15, so I think that's as much as a girl can hope for from her Cardiologist, am I right?!

I mentioned here that a successful match making tactic for a potential cupid is to Over Promise and Under Deliver...turns out it works well with doctor/patient matches as well. I was convinced that there would be tears at some point during, or soon after, our meeting. However, while he was all business, I was able to get him to crack a hint of a smile, and for this girl that can often be the only encouragement I need!

He had skimmed through my thick patient history but hadn't had time to examine my MRI results. He presented his assessment with a confidence that put me quickly at ease, yet never crossed over to the arrogant side that can come so easily for some who are so successful.

While the MRI study and the Cardiac Ablation will provide more definitive diagnosis and prognosis, he strongly suggested that the condition that I was born with (Cardiomyopathy) is the cause of the new diagnosis (A-Fib) and that he can get me feeling better with the ablation. Longer-term treatment and care are still foggy to me, (if Cardiomyopahy causes A-Fib, don't I want to do something about the cause so that it doesn't have the same effect down the road???) but I'm focusing on one step at a time right now.

I have a month to get ready for our next meeting, so I'll be working on myself physically and mentally and arrive as my best self when we hook-up in a month ;)

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Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

Does prepping for your next date with Dr. Hwang (?) include diet coke dates with me?