Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I Learned in Church Today: Fear

Our first meeting today was regarding Eternal Marriage, the second meeting topic was Missionary Work. In both lessons I recognized that there are aspects to both of these things that I am really, really afraid of.

When it comes to marriage, I'm mostly terrified that I wouldn't be any good at it and then I console myself that it hasn't happened for me because God is protecting both me and a potential spouse from the train wreck I could make from the situation! Of course that thinking is completely unhealthy, but it comes from the little devil in my mind. The truth, and the healthy approach, is to remember that marriage is ordained of God and that a faith based marriage is endowed with power from Him to endure even the most boneheaded moves by either spouse.

When it comes to marriage, I worry about making myself or another person uncomfortable. I'm afraid that my testimony might not be well received, and so I often do nothing. The truth is, the errand of sharing the good news about my Savior is one assigned by God and again is endowed with power from Him to endure even the most awkward of testimony deliveries.

And I have allowed a similar fear to spill into so many other areas of my life...all because I fail to remember that I'm a pretty good girl doing my best to be a disciple of Christ. And as long as that is my sincere intent, I will be endowed with power from Him to accomplish every errand he sends me on.

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