Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Professional Head-shot

This year my goal for hobbies/pastimes is to audition for a stage play. I've been taking theater classes and loving it, but it's about time to put it all to practice and put it out there. But I'm terrified. In large part because of a goal from 2010 that I failed to meet.

Auditions require a head-shot. But I hate photos of myself. There are maybe a handful of pictures that don't thrust me into a deep self-hate. So for 2010 I decided that I would either, change the things about myself that I disliked or learn to love myself the way that I am. Well...I didn't. My stomach still turns every time someone whips out a camera. While I have become incredibly skilled at dodging the camera lens, I have learned to not make a big fuss when I get caught in it's range...it's just caused me to develop a quick "untag" reaction to offending FB photo posts.

In addition to harboring a long list of things about my image that disgust me, I also honestly believe that I am not photogenic. Many times I will see a decent reflection in the mirror and then have to repress nausea when viewing a photo taken just moments later. I even had a professional photographer tell me last summer that she could make anyone look glamorous...but the final image was atrocious! There have to be tricks to looking good in photos...but I have a LOT to learn!

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