Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I Learned in Church Today: The Essentials

I started today longer than usual on my knees. I am definitely feeling lost. Perhaps it's my ADD approach to trying to "find" myself? I feel like I'm knocking on a million doors and getting no answers. So my lengthy plea was to be reminded of who I am.
Logically I know the answer to that question, I am a child of God. But I'm not feeling as special as that statement sounds. I need a hefty reminder. I think I got a good hint as to how to find the answer.

I was asked to populate three categories in relation to my spiritual health:
  • Essentials
  • Importants
  • Nice to Haves
It was surprising to realize how much time I've been spending in the Nice to Haves category....and, consequently, how little time I'm spending in the Essentials and Importants. I might try to argue that it's rehab for ignoring the Nice to Haves for so long...but it's not a very good argument.
It is clear to me that the reminder that I am asking for will come to me as I spend more time in the Essentials category of my life.

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