Sunday, May 8, 2011

What I Learned in Church Today: Divinity of Motherhood

I was blessed to come to a fantastic woman who took seriously, her role as our mother. She was involved in every aspect of our lives...even when we weren't aware of it! I have never doubted for a moment that her every move was in my best interest. Being loved by her taught me exactly what motherly love means.

So, who would be surprised to hear that I long for the opportunity to love the way that she loved? Sometimes, when the absence of the opportunity is breaking my heart, I pray for the desire to be removed from me. I've met women who have no interest in becoming mother's, so I know it's possible...I just haven't figured how to get to that place on my own.

But, how can I expect that the most divine part of who I am would ever be suppressed?

I'm lucky to have been taught how to be a great mom by my earthly mother and equally lucky to have been given the divine desire to become that great mom by my Heavenly Mother.

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