Saturday, May 7, 2011

Genius Marketing Tactic

Some men can be soooooooo creative!

This afternoon a friend sent a mass email through Facebook:

A girl I know in Houston (met her at one of the single conferences I went to. Known her for 3-4 years), asked if I knew any ladies to set one of her friends up with.
He is looking for a date to the U2 Concert. She said she is a nice guy, just a little nerdy. So if anyone is willing to take a risk and contact a guy, there is a U2 concert ticket and probably dinner in it for ya.

Hysterical and genius, right? The guy is bloody brilliant! Without paying an $80 monthly membership fee, he just got something better than an eHarmony account! He'll have an army of women vying for his attention!

Out of curiosity, and an impulsive fascination with gambling, I sent the following:

I just got an email from a friend, of a friend of yours asking me to reach out to you because you're looking for a party companion to a U2 concert...and I think you might be the smartest man in the world!
So, what are you going to do now that your in-box is flooded with emails, and you have more options than you can possibly know what to do with?
For the purposes of the concert, you probably should know that I'm not afraid to sing or dance along in public...which, depending on your preferences, might make me the very best, or very worst option.
I also have exceptional hygiene and know how to have a mean conversation...anything else you want to know, just ask!

Zero expectation, but you know if he responds, I will sooooo blog about it!

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