Thursday, May 26, 2011

So Much Time...So Much To Do!

When I meet someone new, or catch up with an old friend, and they learn about my unemployment status, nearly all of them offer me the same cautionary advice: "Don't waste this time that you have!"

I don't think that advice is motivated by what they know about me, because many of them haven't known much at all. I've tried to figure out why there is so much concern about what I might do with this gift of time. Either in spite of the advice, or because of it, I am a busy, busy bee!

I've attended the temple in the middle of the day. I've dug into my online courses. I've read books from every category...and I've written down many thoughts. I've gone to theater classes and then spent time developing that craft. I've reached out to friends who have grown distant. I've learned more about the friends who are near. I've attended rock concerts on a work night! And the theater more than once in a week! I take late night phone calls from friends who just need to talk it out.

While there is always more I can do and better choices I can make, I think it's safe to say that I recognize that this is a gift of time and that I am very appreciative of the opportunities it has afforded me!

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