Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ego Stroking

During the last semester of acting, we had a substitute teacher for a couple of weeks. Every once in awhile I meet someone and it feels like your souls instantly recognize one another...I immediately liked this chick!

She later found me on Facebook and we met up today for a "quick" lunch...three hours later we'd covered a hundred topics and couldn't believe how quick the time had passed. I think we were good for one another. I was able to offer a listening ear for her to talk through some things that she usually has to keep tight to her vest. And she was able to offer an ego stroking like none I've ever had before!

I'm not sure that the exchange was equal in value. But I hope the level of relief she felt after getting things off her chest came close to the level of confidence I walked out of that restaurant with! If half of what she said is remotely true, then the only thing standing in the way of some theater is me and my own insecurity. In addition to loads of compliments, she shared a list of great contacts and referrals.

Have I ever mentioned that my greatest asset are my friends?

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