Wednesday, May 4, 2011

100 Days

A Facebook friend recently extended a challenge to do something noteworthy over the next 100 days. It's been a good benchmark for me to consider...I am beginning to see how imperatively I need some direction in my life.
There are some goals that I have made my priority for this time in my life, but I had yet to set hard deadlines for these achievements. Day 1 was April 30...I'm 5 days in and have some specific targets outlined, which is a good start.
By August 7 I will:
  • Have reached a new goal weight
  • Completed 2 University Independent Study Courses
  • Auditioned for a stage production
  • Decided on my next job/career
  • Kissed a new boy
Any assistance is greatly welcomed...especially in the kissing department ;)

What would you like to accomplish in 100 days?

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