Thursday, October 20, 2011

Attraction: Men vs. Women

I spent some time with a new friend this evening and we had an interesting conversation about...well, about a lot of things...but one thing in particular has stuck with me.

If pressed, I can rattle off a list of the physical features I find most attractive about a man (tall, calloused hands, full head of hair, great mouth, a beard or some scruff, dimples, square jaw, long fingers, etc.). However, if you lined up all of the men I've dated (or wanted to date) over the years, you would wonder what my list had to do with my picking. I submit that it had very little to do with anything, except maybe for those few years in Junior High when I was cutting photos out of Tiger Beat magazine to hang up in my school locker. Brad Pitt is my celebrity definition of the perfect look...but I've never, not once, had anything to do with Brad or any look-alike. As a woman, my definition of "hot" has almost zero influence on with whom I want to get close or spend time.

I don't believe that it's the same for men. I'm convinced that if a man says that he likes a girl who is 5'4", 110 lbs, blond, and blue-eyed that it is a definitive check list. I recently learned that a girl in my ward bleached her hair blond after learning that her crush wouldn't date a brunette...and guess what, they are now dating. She had everything on his list except for hair color, and after a quick trip to the salon, suddenly became his perfect match where before, she was nothing but a friend.

I recognize that this is a lot of speculation and I really do not have any evidence. Perhaps it is nothing more than my personal summary from all of the stories like the one above and the comments guys make when they're pressed to explain why they aren't attracted to a really great girl...I can't be sure. If I'm wrong, then I need to apologize for my bitter perspective...if I'm right does anyone know a single man who's list reads: 5'8", busty, witty, and great kisser???

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