Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I Learned in Church Today: Acknowledging the Lord

Today the speaker addressed characteristics of a Disciple of Christ, one of which was the willingness to Acknowledge the Lord in our lives. I can think of specific moments of gratitude that quickly took me to my knees thanking God for removing trials from my life...I don't know that I've been as quick to thank God for the placement of trials in my life...

But I should be! As I identify the defining moments of my life, I find that they are moments of great adversity and trial. They are periods when I battled fiercely, or submitted humbly, to unwanted changes in my life. Truth be told, it takes quite a bit of time for me to begin to recognize all of the good that comes in those times of struggle. The lessons taught to me by my parents are a close second place to the lessons I have learned in the challenges the Lord so wisely places in my life.

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