Saturday, October 29, 2011


You know, my young friends, long before there was "Glee", there was "Fame". I was reminded of my love for the show when I stumbled across a jaw dropping televised performance of "The Kids from Fame", a concert not unlike the jaw dropping "Glee 3D" I saw this summer. Except that "The Kids from Fame" included my idol Janet Jackson (take that Leah Michelle!).

As a young kid, with stars in her eyes, I used to daydream about attending a school for the performing arts! A place where you could sing and dance and act and play instruments and gain confidence as a performer...but it wasn't to be. And so I lived out my fantasy through the TV show then...and I guess I'm still living out that fantasy through a pretty similar TV show today.

I was also reminded of my first inter-racial crush. Ironically also my first homosexual crush...I had no idea how that theme would continue to pop up into adulthood. At least now, I'm quick to identify when it's happening. Oh, Leroy!

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