Friday, October 28, 2011

My Worst Dance Ever

The dance was organized and crowded and people looked to be having fun. But it was my personal worst. I am a party starter. I don't hesitate to work up a dance floor even if I have to do it alone. But I can't dance anymore...the ticker just won't keep up. I could do the neck up groove, typically reserved for road trips or nervous evening sharing music in a living room while you wait for the boy to just kiss you already, but anything bigger than that wasn't happening.

I've never stood around at a dance's painful. I've always been so happy to just be in a place where I could dance without apology, that I never noticed how awkward and silly these things can be. Throw in a bunch of conservative, home-grown Halloween costumes and it's even more bizarre. I left early and wanted to make myself feel better in a pile of chocolate...but I've given up sweets too. I think I might actually be left with nothing to live for.

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