Saturday, October 22, 2011

Women and Media

This morning I watched a program on OWN, Oprah's Network (don't judge!), about the representation of women in the media.

***Warning, adult images and themes***

It fascinated me. And depressed me...not so much because of how women have been portrayed in the media (although I was shocked to see it condensed this way), but because I'm guilty for having bought into the message. I have allowed the media's portrayal of a beautiful woman to completely blind me from my own beauty. Why would I give power to someone else to define my beauty and my worth? How did I become so reliant in these sources to measure my value as a woman? No wonder I spouted off with a little bit of snark 2 nights ago!

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Missy said...

You know I dont express myself very well, but this was good and interesting. I could get on board with a movement that made women (and men for that matter) realize they are worth far more than media portrays.